Year: 2015

Why America Needs a Menaissance

“Show yourself a man.” The words of King David, final instructions to his son Solomon just before the old dying king left this world. One might imagine him lofting a bony finger, beseeching his son to put on his big […]

We Must Tell Them

Recently, a video clip posted by comedian Penn Jillette blew me away. In this video from 2010, Jillette, swatting his hair back and fighting emotion, recounted in his distinct northeastern twang a story of a man who gave him a […]

A New Old Favorite

This year on December 12th, tiny toes will step out onto the stage of Rowland Auditorium. They will follow in the footsteps of their veteran performers with eyes wide and smiles beaming, and contribute for the first time to an […]

Pink Angels

In the early days they were referred to as “Pink Ladies.” In 1979, when the Walker Baptist Medical Center Auxiliary Volunteer Services program was formed, it was composed of only a handful of members, all female. It has since grown […]