Parkland Hardware Offering Bathroom Remodeling, Ceramic Showers


Jasper, AL – Since 1962, Parkland Hardware has been sitting in the same spot, just off of Highway 78 in Jasper. From hammers to washers to sandpaper, Parkland was Jasper’s go-to place for home improvement. Eight years ago, Philip Ellis bought the business and continued to offer the same great products and service that Parkland had offered for over a half-century. Now he’s looking to expand into new frontiers.

Ellis says that, traditionally, Parkland’s specialty has been keys and plumbing, but a year ago he started an extension of the business called “Parkland Solutions.” “We remodel bathrooms and ceramic showers, install handicap commodes, safe bathrooms for elderly people, grab bars,” Ellis says.



But it doesn’t stop there. Parkland is now offering a flooring service. “Now we’re into flooring, hardwood, vinyl flooring, carpet,” Ellis says. “We started doing that two or three months ago. We have people who work for us that install it. It’s just an extension of what we’re doing here. Anything to do with a house, that’s what we’re doing.”


Ellis worked at J&K Lumber for 24 years before purchasing Parkland. “It’s all I know,” Ellis says. “It’s what I’ve been doing all my life.” 78

For more information, contact Philip or Suzy Ellis at (205) 221-8851.

Parkland Hardware
725 Parkland Shopping Center
Jasper, AL 35501





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