Comfortable As Cotton

Images by Al Blanton


In a cozy little cottage tucked between a grove of trees and Sew Simple off Highway 195, Amy Boshell and Natalie Carson are making their dreams come true. And, many women in Jasper and surrounding areas may be thankful for these two friends’ venture.

Cotton Cottage, a women’s boutique, opened its doors May 2016, offering women of all sizes an array of chic, upscale clothing at affordable prices. “I have always wanted to open a boutique for many years but was always afraid to take the risk,” said co-owner Boshell, who says her husband, Dr. Josh Boshell, encouraged her to pursue her dreams.



When Boshell’s good friend Carson mentioned her desire to own a boutique, the women began brainstorming just for fun. “We were at my house having dinner when we began to joke with our husbands about opening a boutique,” Boshell recalls.

“Then later that night while we were flipping through a collection of Jane Austen’s work, we came up with the name of our fictional boutique,” laughs Carson, who like Boshell, shares a love for Jane Austen.

Carson’s dream of owning a boutique began during high school in Scottsboro where she grew up, and where she said there was only one boutique. “We realize there are several boutiques in Jasper, but we felt like we still had something to add,” she said. “We love that there are so many boutiques in Jasper because it adds to the specialness of Jasper – there is somewhere for everyone regardless of taste, size or budget.”



Boshell, who says she has always loved shoes, clothes, and jewelry, echoed Carson. “I’m not a little girl so I have hated trying on clothes where the dressing room is too small and everyone can see you come out to check yourself in the mirror. We not only want to offer a variety of clothes to women from size small to 3X, but also we want them to feel good about themselves, especially when they come out to check their clothes in the mirror.”

As you enter the boutique, calm colors with a touch of decor welcome each visitor and guide you from room to room. Throughout the quaint little cottage are inspirational messages reminding each woman of her value and her beauty. The dressing rooms are roomy and well-lit, complete with large mirrors, soft lighting, and partitioned from the other shoppers.




“We want the women who come in to feel comfortable trying on clothes when they find something they like,” Boshell added. “The mood is friendly and inviting because we wanted to offer something to everyone.”

Both Boshell and Carson shared fears associated with opening a business, but both said God played a huge role in their pursuit. “We prayed so much and God just opened doors,” Boshell said. “And our husbands have been so supportive in this endeavor. Without God and the support of our husbands, Cotton Cottage would still be a dream.”

Carson and Boshell recently held their grand opening and are ready for the journey to begin. You can stop by Monday-Saturday or check out their site on the social media. 78






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