Month: February 2018

The People’s Home

In 1916, William Brockman Bankhead bought an orchard for $2500. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in growing apples. Bankhead, who within a year would be elected as an Alabama congressman and would eventually serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives, built […]

New York State of Mind

  December 26, 2009: I’m on a train from Newark to New York. The sky is the color of a shark’s skin and it’s colder than a basement. People on the train are talking, laughing, gazing out the windows at […]

Heidi Young Batson

Heidi Young Batson still misses New Orleans. It’s where she lived and worked for over twenty years. “I think I’m still decompressing from living there,” Heidi says, relaxing at her kitchen table as classic Motown plays softly in the background. […]

King of Tires

If Jim Short’s life could be likened to a tire, his treads would be nearly worn out. Yet again this morning, Jim lolls in his swivel chair at Radial Tire in downtown Jasper, chuckling and firing off one-liners, a half-day’s […]