Month: March 2018

Lost in Montgomery

  It began with a Swiss Army knife. March 8, 2018. The mammoth Thrasher Brothers charter bus stops at the gate surrounding a Neoclassical style mansion. I step off the bus and feel the biting wind on my face. The […]

Radio Days

He’d sit up in that huge, triangle-shaped fishbowl every afternoon, watching the traffic go by. Every few minutes he’d flip a switch, lean forward slightly, and speak to the masses. I must have been five or six when I heard […]

The Tractor Story

  Perhaps you’ve heard The Tractor Story. Perhaps you recall certain parts of this unexplainable tale, but for the benefit of those who have not yet heard of it, have no fear. I shall now regale you with the spine-tingling […]

I Remember Cordova

  I remember Cordova. I grew up near Parrish, but Cordova has a special place in my heart. In the early-mid 1970s, while my mom would be at the laundromat there, I’d hike up Main Street and spend an hour […]

Pat Bowden

Back in the 1960’s, a very wise man, who happened to be my dad, said, “People who have music in their lives and hearts are usually happy folks, and they have opportunities in life that others don’t often have.” My […]

Finding Home

The beach is my favorite… the sun, the sand, the laid back atmosphere. I can sit for hours listening to the waves and think about nothing other than my next meal. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience of being […]

The Least of These

  I’m picking up a prescription on my lunch hour. January 2016. It’s cold and overcast. The clouds look like cotton dipped in gunpowder. I’m driving away when I see a figure sitting on the curb near the road, wearing […]

Brack Bradley

  On a sunny afternoon, the buzz of a giant mosquito is overhead. A drone hovers above the gravel parking lot. At Control Central, Brack Bradley squints behind a pair of shades as he expertly maneuvers his toy. While studying […]