Brack Bradley


On a sunny afternoon, the buzz of a giant mosquito is overhead. A drone hovers above the gravel parking lot. At Control Central, Brack Bradley squints behind a pair of shades as he expertly maneuvers his toy.

While studying film at Alabama, Brack and four classmates caught a break when their instructor, Tom Cherones, a producer and director on Seinfeld, introduced them to some people he knew in L.A. Soon Brack and his buddies were living in a house in Hollywood.

“I started from the ground up, working as a production assistant, getting coffee, picking up gear,” Brack says. “I did commercials and started bugging the camera people, ‘Hey, how do I do that?’ You learn little by little, then you get a shot. Don’t screw it up, and you can take it as far as you want to. I kept bugging the right people, worked as a film loader, camera assistant, camera operator, then as a director of photography.”

For his first job—a Swiffer commercial—Brack drove a production truck. That led to working as a camera assistant/operator for ten seasons on Hell’s Kitchen. “I did some VH1 shows like Rock of Love, Treehouse Masters for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel’s Out of the Wild,” he says. “Of course my bread and butter for the last six or seven years was The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.”

After traveling with film crews all over the world, Brack came home to Jasper. His company, Brackyard Films, has produced videos for various charity events.

So what are his future plans?

“I wanna take over the world!” Brack says in a cartoon mad scientist voice. “I love documentary films, I love storytelling. There’ s a lot of great stuff in Alabama that I’m now rediscovering right here.” 78

Originally published in 78 Magazine in Oct/Nov 2016

Image by Blakeney Cox



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