Month: June 2018

Soul of 78- Rick Waldrop

“I got into the car business in 1978, when my dad opened a car lot in Jasper. After working with him for a few years, I went to AMC Jeep, which is now Jasper Honda. When I left AMC, I […]

The Truce

I like coffee. It probably comes as no surprise that I’m fond of coffee mugs. In my kitchen cupboard are a dozen some-odd mugs in various styles and colors. One is black and bears the cheery visage of Darth Vader. […]

The Legacy of Garry Neil Drummond

The young man paused and stared through the infinite Stygian darkness. It was 1952. School was out for the summer. Time to go to work. He adjusted the small miner’s lamp on the front of his hardhat, focusing the beam […]

Be Impressed with Minnesota

To Southerners, the mere mention of the word “Minneapolis” or “Minnesota” engenders thoughts of bitter cold. Our minds dance with the images of white piles of slush being driven by flannel-jacketed men, their matching flannel hats bobbing in concert with […]

Lawn Rangers

Images by Blakeney Cox   Most nights you’ll find Austin West behind the wheel of his Vestavia Hills police cruiser. His friend, Jonathan Piteo, alternates working 24-hour shifts, battling blazes as a firefighter in the Jasper area. Both have chosen […]

Rain Man

First of all, you won’t believe this. Recently I’ve discovered something so amazing, so revolutionary, so utterly unbelievable, that I can no longer keep it a secret. Ready for this? (You’ll want to sit down first.) It seems I’ve been […]