Soul of 78- Jennifer Sparks

“We’ve been in Jasper since August 2012, so we’re going on our sixth school year. We open every day around 1:00 for homeschool students, college students, adults going back to school or retaking the ACT, even nursing students – any nontraditional students are with us from 1:00-3:00, and then our K-12 public school students are here from about 3:30 until 7:30. Typically I am with high school and college students, and we have tutors that specialize in middle school as well as elementary tutoring.”

“Before I came here, I tutored at a center in Nashville for about four years. I’m from Jasper originally and went to Curry High School. Most of my 20s were spent in Nashville, and when I would come back and visit for the holidays, people would ask me what I was doing and when I told them I was tutoring they would say oh, I wish we had a tutoring center in Jasper. At first, I really didn’t know what the situation was. Of course, teachers and other individuals were helping students after school at local churches or libraries. But I wasn’t sure if the problem was that no one was brave enough to start a tutoring center, or that the community just wouldn’t support it.”

“I decided to test the waters with an ACT Boot Camp. We set up the week-long camp and held it in the basement of a church, starting out with just 10 students. We didn’t know if anyone would show up, but the class filled up within just a few days of announcing it. At the time, the closest ACT help for students was located in Birmingham. It was a long drive, so I think a lot of people weren’t able to do it, even if their kids needed the help. As we began to talk to more parents, we realized there truly was a huge need in the community for a tutoring center.”

“I was just so passionate about Walker County because I knew how difficult it was to find help growing up. There are online tutoring services now, but it is so important – especially with math and science – to get in front of a student and really get hands-on.”

-Jennifer Sparks, owner & director of Jasper Tutoring Center

Photo + Interview by Blakeney Cox

Visit www.jaspertutoringcenter.comor call (205) 282-9090 for more information.



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  1. We wish our Grandkiddos had access to your tutoring center but they are all over the country. We know you, and know your help would be so great!! God bless you for the good work you are doing!!!

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