A Walk Through Time- Downtown Parrish

This photo from the late 1940s/early 1950s was taken in downtown Parrish. On the left was (Doc) Snow’s Drugstore and the Parrish Theatre, and an unknown dry cleaners business next to it. In the center was Bob Jones’ Service Station. The building in the the far back of the photo was the Ford Motor Company (Winn Brothers Building). To the right (not visible here) was the Parrish Cafe (known later as McMillan’s Cafe.) The Shell sign was a gas station and bus stop for Missala bus lines, owned by then Mayor Waldrop. A man named Mr. Gray owned a barber shop behind the Shell service station.

Thanks to Mike Earnest of Case Knife Outlet in Parrish for the photo, and to Hugh Plylar and Mike Earnest for providing the information.




  1. The dry cleaners was Parrish Dry Cleaners. My grandparents, Gordon and Lester Jernigan (yes my grandmother’s name was Lester), bought it around 1948.

  2. My uncle Allen and Aunt Pauline Kilgore lived just up the road. She made best biscuits and fried pies you ever ate. Think he was on the board of local bank. Riding with him in his pick-up, he would wave at everyone we passed. If you asked him who it was, he might say he didn’t know, but he didn’t want them to be mad at him for not waving.

  3. thanks for memories wished could find some old pictures of rest of Parrish from top of the Hill where Nelson had gas and repair shop couple other stores there, all the other end of Parrish beginning around where Bugs café was located to Harris Grocery store, Stevenson Drugs the old Post Office and other places on the main street. does bring back a walk in time.also they had Gmay Pigs store couple others also. from upper end to railroad tracks. thanks again if u have use my email to send. I graduated from the Old Parrish Hi School on top of the hill just opposite where my sis live on now called 5th St.

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