Soul of 78-Joy Murry

“I just celebrated a year of the Massage Den being open for business in downtown Jasper. Before that, I practiced massage therapy at Dr. Renee Bowen’s chiropractic office on Airport Road. There’s a whole different atmosphere downtown and I truly love being a part of it. I’ve met so many new people and made new friends, and gained a lot of regular clients.

My dad is the reason I went into massage therapy. He’s a transplant patient, so he’s on a lot of medication. I wanted to be able to help others, without all that medication, and that’s what massage therapy does. If someone is under a lot of stress, massage therapy is such a great help – I’ve heard clients say to me when they leave my office that it feels like a weight has been lifted off of them.

My favorite ‘hobby’ when I’m not at work is going to the gym. And I have several patients that work out really hard, and they come to me for deep tissue massages and tell me that they get more relief from their massage than any other form of therapy. This is because the human body is self-healing. In today’s world, we are so used to taking a quick pain pill or a muscle relaxer because that’s what we’re handed. In reality, eating healthy, working out, getting massages regularly, and just taking care of your body is more than enough natural healing.”

-Joy Murry, Massage Therapist and owner of Massage Den

Photo + Interview by Blakeney Cox



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