The Paint Doctor

December 31, 2018 Terrell Manasco 0

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Cox   Looking pensive, Chuck Dunn furrows his brow, crosses one leg over a knee, and plucks his […]

The Lady Who Wept

December 20, 2018 Terrell Manasco 0

I’m standing on stage wearing a nurse’s uniform. December 2017. My first time to perform with the Jasper Men’s Chorale.  We’re at the Jasper High […]

Summer of 1980

December 13, 2018 Terrell Manasco 0

The plump brunette woman leaned forward over the table. Through a pair of reading glasses perched on her nose, she scanned over the job application. […]

Dunc Dynasty

December 11, 2018 Terrell Manasco 0

Words By Terrell Manasco | Images by Blakeney Cox   The pale red-and-white building sits a few miles off Highway 5 in Jasper in the […]