Soul of 78- Charles “Chris” Taylor

“As a helping professional, my role is to use my background, experience, and training to assist others in becoming aware of their true feelings, their potential for change, and any internal or external barriers to change, growth, and self-improvement through a process of self-reflection and discussion and examination of attitudes, behaviors, decision making, and the related outcomes. Individuals are thereby guided toward development and implementation of plans for affecting constructive and improved ways of thinking, taking consistent action in breaking through and resolving the challenges and issues faced in everyday living, and changing any problematic beliefs and behaviors.

A Calling Consulting and Wellness provides services through group, individual, family, and couples meetings, and works with local and community agencies to provide the widest possible and most appropriate range of care for those seeking help.

The writings of Albert Ellis and the theory of Rational Emotive Therapy guide and have most influenced my overall approach to assisting others. Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) holds that we are surrounded by and experience situations and ongoing events that we interpret, think about, and form opinions of. Our interpretations or “opinions” of these events result in particular beliefs about the event(s) or situations, other people, the world in which we live, and our roles in the given events. As we develop our given beliefs, the emotions we experience progressively reinforce and become increasingly based on those beliefs. The degrees to which our belief systems are rational or irrational consequently influence our decision-making and the resulting actions taken. Individuals are in control of altering their beliefs, behaviors, and the resulting outcomes through conscious formulation and consistent application of plans for making desired changes.

The foundations of my approaches to helping others are based on the ideas that all people (1) are inherently good; (2) are in charge of their own beliefs; (3) are in control of making different choices and; (4) determine and take actions as part of the ongoing processes of change, growth, and learning in which we are engaged at all times.

My efforts to help others are further based on helping them focus on being honest with themselves. To me, honesty is the foundation of any kind of recovery, whether it be from substance abuse, working through depression, anxiety, stress, individual daily living concerns, or relationship issues. Outside of any serious medical problems, individuals are in charge of taking initiative, applying available resources, and working together to accomplish goals that will lead to a more productive and satisfying life.”

Charles “Chris” Taylor, Ed.S., LPC

A Calling Consulting and Wellness

300 18thStreet West, Suite 101

Jasper, Al. 35501

(205) 471.7509

Photo and Interview by Blakeney Cox



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