Month: January 2019

Soul of 78-Sarah Williams

“My first trip to Uganda was in the summer of 2016, and I’ve been four times since then. I had always wanted to go somewhere like Uganda on a mission trip, and I had been begging my mom for years. […]

A Walk Through Time- Ernest Crump

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Crouse   Even at a distance, he was an impressive figure. Tall, raven-haired, dressed in stark white shirt and tie, eyes masked behind dark sunglasses, face weathered by time and the sun, […]

Soul of 78-Mandy Williams

“There are a lot of educators in my family, and that has been a huge influence on me. My mom and my sister, Lisa, were both so instrumental in my decision to go into teaching. At a young age, I […]

Labor of Love

Words by Al Blanton | Images by Blakeney Cox   In the early 1950s, a wiry country boy from Townley stood nervously at the county fair, wearing a railroad hat, high-water blue jeans, and slippers. The occasion was the bull-grading […]

A Walk Through Time- D. Joe Gambrell

Words by Terrell Manasco   Eyes squinting into the sun, he stands at a three-quarter angle with hands on hips, chest out. The padded shoulders of his football jersey are thrust back, and his 1940s-styled hair is combed neatly in […]

Soul of 78- Jonna Lee

“I’m originally from Florida but I’ve moved all over the country – Oklahoma, Las Vegas, and now here. My parents moved to Jasper to pastor a church – Worship Life Center. That’s how I ended up here. When I’m not […]