Soul of 78- Matt Franklin

“This business was really a God-send. My wife Rebecca and I were looking for something to do on the side to generate some extra income for our family, but also to build a business to pass on to our boys. Even if they just wanted to be a part of this throughout their high school and college days, it’s just a good thing all around.

My main job is being a coal mine inspector for the State of Alabama. I purchased Aqua Xpress as an already established business in October 2018. Currently we have one employee and provide swimming pool and spa services and maintenance. We have about ten clients right now that we visit weekly for pool maintenance.

The best part of this is that I’ve gotten to meet so many new people. I’m able to spend most of my time outdoors, which I enjoy. And I’m also able to provide opportunities for young guys to hopefully make some money during their high school years. As for expansion, we hope to cover more of the Walker County area – but at heart, I’m a hometown guy, so we will always keep our business local.”

-Matt Franklin, owner of Aqua Xpress

Photo + Interview by Blakeney Clouse



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