78 Featured Business: Hogan’s Barber Shop

Hogan’s Barber Shop was originally called Best Barber Shop and was owned by Lacy Best. According to Donna Hogan Scott, Mr. Best built his barbershop with lumber from his hog farm.

At the time, the land was owned by Mr. Drummond and a two-lane road stretched through it. Mr. Best asked permission to build his shop on the land, and Mr. Drummond agreed.

Tom Hogan took over when Mr. Best died, and Mr. Hogan’s daughter, Donna Hogan Scott, took over the shop when her father left. Donna has owned the shop for approximately the last twenty years.

Even though the shop has been in business for the last 60 years, the current building boasts the original door. “The handle was so close to the door people had to force their fingers behind to open it,” Donna says. “As a result of over 60 years, it has dug out the wood behind the handle, as you can see.”

Today, Hogan’s Barber Shop still offers hair cuts and beard trims that have been keeping customers satisfied for decades.

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-12.

Said Donna of the business’s longevity, “We love and appreciate our customers. I’m getting old enough that adults are telling me, ‘I remember when you gave me my first haircut.’” 78

Hogan’s Barber Shop is located at 3605 Hwy 78 E (right beside Milo’s). Phone (205) 221-4418.



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