78 Photo Essay: Alana Beard

Local lawyer values family, loves football

Words by Lindsay Brewer| Image by Blakeney Clouse

The aroma of sizzling omelets pierces the air. ESPN GameDay commentators announce their picks to the cheers and jeers of the crowd. These are just the appetizers in the home of Alana and Jordan Beard. 

Soon, the enticing smell of shredded Boston butt, ribs or chicken wings will quickly overwhelm the breakfast odors. And, the commentators will be replaced with live games. Oh, it’s definitely a football Saturday in the South for the Beard family. 

Alana and Jordan are avid football fans. “Football is our fall hobby,” Alana says. With a house divided over teams, this definitely poses an obstacle during the Iron Bowl, which they watch in separate rooms to the amusement of Jordan’s sons, Aydan and Jaxson. 

Now they wait to see who will win over their daughter’s loyalties. Will baby Thea Grace cheer for Alabama or be an Auburn fan like her dad? Only time will tell, though Alana hopes playing “Yea, Alabama!” while Thea was in her womb will give her a leg up. 

Learning to balance work and family is a juggling act, at best, especially when a couple has two challenging careers, a teething baby and two energetic boys. With their demanding work schedules, rest is a priceless commodity. 

Alana, who served in  the Jasper District Attorney’s Office until 2016, is one of three lawyers in Sewell Sewell Beard LLC, her family’s firm.

“It’s not often that children get the opportunity to practice with their parents,” Alana explains. “We are a full-service civil litigation firm with specialty in complex litigation. We handle all variety of issues.” 

In business and life, family is most important to Alana. No work demands or divided team loyalties will weaken those bonds. After all, football is just a game. 78



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