78 Photo Essay: Austin McLemore

Words: Nick Norris: Image: Blakeney Clouse

Young realtor is proof success can come at an early age

If Austin McLemore had to be described in a word, “motivated” might be the most fitting. While many young people struggle to decide what future path they want to take, it didn’t take Austin long to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Now he already has two years under his belt as a successful realtor at All Four Real Estate.

“I just love meeting and working with people,” said Austin. “This line of work is all about connections.  As long as people can trust you, they’ll call you to do work for them.”

Upon meeting him, it’s easy to see why so many trust Austin to buy or sell their homes. His friendly personality and extensive knowledge of the market have made him successful at an early age, and that success is pushing him into new frontiers. Along with being a realtor, Austin has also begun buying houses and renting them, particularly to families. He finds fulfilment in helping others find nice, affordable places to live.

“There are a lot of good people with good jobs and money that may not have the credit to buy a home, and that’s who I like to rent to,” Austin shared. “Apartments can be expensive and hard to find. So, I make sure I rent to someone who really needs the place and may just not have the credit to buy their own yet.”

In a world where the term “success” is so often associated with greed or selfishness, it is refreshing to meet someone compassionate like Austin McLemore every once in a while. 78



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