Relax with friends at The Local No.7

A long, long time ago, Scott Jordan had an idea.

“My husband has had this project in mind for many years,” The Local No. 7 owner Sharon Jordan says. “We’ve talked about it on and off.”

The idea was to open a restaurant where people could relax with their friends.

At first, it was just something to talk about, a pipe dream that no one took seriously. But after the closing of Café Bill’s, the Jordans decided to pull the trigger.

First, they acquired a location, a building off Third Avenue and Highway 78 that has been the site of various dining establishments. Then, with their friend/co-owner, Rob Swann, they began renovating the interior.

“The floor had carpet and old laminate, so that was all torn up,” Sharon says. “Rob built all the tables, the stage, and the bar. Basically, what you see is all new.”

So, what’s the story behind the name? “The Local” refers to it being a local place to hang out, but where did No. 7 come from?

“Rob, Scott, and I were talking one day, and Rob said, ‘How about The Local?’” Sharon explains. “Scott said, ‘How about The Local Number 7?’ because that was his football number at Curry High School.”

The Local No. 7 officially opened on February 21.

Sharon says their advertising had been given a boost weeks before when the signage went up. “Getting the outside sign up was huge,” she says. “Once we got the sign up, more people stopped in and asked ‘Hey, what is this place?’”

The menu lists a variety of entrees, including hamburgers, ribeye steaks, hot wings, chicken fingers, boneless wings, grilled chicken, and sandwiches.

On weekends, customers can enjoy live music from artists like Handshake Promise, Christian Gann, Another Hero, and Copper Line while the kids play games in the arcade.

The Local No. 7 is also available for birthday or graduation parties.

“We want it to feel homey and for people to be comfortable,” Sharon says. 78

The Local No. 7 is located at 305 Highway 78 West in Jasper. Phone: You can also follow them on Facebook.



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