Soul of 78: Chad Hayes

“I’m originally from a little town called Kenton, Tennessee. I started at Jasper First Baptist Church as a youth ministry intern while I was in school at Samford. I served in that role for two years and then transitioned into a role where I was doing different types of ministries, but still did youth and recreation ministry from 2003-2009. 

In my 12 years there, I worked with kids, grade-school children, teenagers, and college students, but also got to know a lot of great adults. I was also involved in the American Red Cross, First Priority, and Kiwanis Club, so I met a lot of great people in the Jasper community. There were a lot of great folks that invested in me in my time here. Even though I didn’t grow up here, it came to feel like home. 

When I left here in 2009, I went to Leeds, Alabama, and pastored a church for eight years. Eventually I transitioned into a medical sales role. I enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed ministry. 

About six months ago, I heard about an opportunity with Alfa Insurance in Jasper through folks that I knew from before. It was important to me to work for a Christian-based company that is about helping people. That’s how the Lord brought me back to Jasper.

A lot of the students and youth that I worked with before are adults and have children of their own. I really enjoyed seeing students and teenagers growing into being godly adults, and now that I’m back, seeing them raising godly children of their own. 

I’m enjoying what I’m doing with Alfa because insome ways it’s still a ministry. That’s one of the things that appealed to me about this. I help people prepare for different situations and walk through crisis situations with families. Through my life experiences, in some ways I feel that coming back to Jasper in this new role is the God of grace giving me a second chance. The more I’ve experienced God’s grace in my life, the more it has helped me show grace to others. 

It’s been a blessing for me to move back in the area. It’s important to me that if I’m going to work in the community and serve people here, that I live in the community. It feels like coming home.”

Chad Hayes, Alfa Insurance

Interview by Terrell Manasco

Photo by Al Blanton



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