78 Photo Essay: LaTasha Allen

Words and Images by Blakeney Clouse

“If you asked anyone who knew me in high school or college what I would be doing in 20 years, they would have told you ‘coaching,’ not cooking,” says LaTasha Allen, who grew up playing sports. 

Now Allen is the owner and executive chef of Simply Tasteful Food and Nutrition Services, which services Walker County and surrounding areas. 

“When I became a mom, a passion for cooking just really hit me. I remembered my own mother, cooking Sunday dinner every week. My great-grandmother loved to cook—when she didn’t have money to go out and buy gifts, she would make your favorite peach cobbler. That really stuck with me,” says Allen. “I enjoy what I do because now I’m also able to express my love for friends and family through cooking.”

Simply Tasteful offers family-style meals, meal prep services, and personal chef services. 

“I’m at someone’s house cooking as a personal chef at least three times a week. I’ve done everything from intimate dinner for two to Mother’s Day brunch to Christmas parties,” says Allen. 

Simply Tasteful also offers “Simply to Go,” an online meal subscription service that allows clients to choose meals for the entire week. 

Allen graduated from Culinard in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2005, and later obtained her bachelor’s in Nutrition Science from Kaplan University. She is a certified dietary manager (CDM) and a certified food protection professional (CFPP) as well as health coach. 

Chef Allen also works as a food safety instructor for ServSafe Food Service, and founded The Supper Club, a nonprofit ministry that helps feed the homeless and elderly78

For more info, visit www.simplytastefulfood.com.   



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