78 Photo Essay: Lt. Chuck Henderson

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Clouse 

Chuck Henderson is no stranger to police work. With a sidearm on his hip, he spent most of his six years in the Air Force overseas, in the Middle East and in Africa. 

“I was in the 820th Security Forces group,” Chuck explains. “All we did was train and deploy.”

After his tour ended in 2004, Chuck worked in retail while studying business at Auburn University. He admits that going from carrying a gun to business calculus was difficult. Realizing he wanted a career with more longevity and benefits than retail offered, Chuck applied with the Jasper Police Department in 2009.

Ten years later, he still wears a uniform—sidearm and badge—and quite a few hats. “Technically, I’m the admin lieutenant,” he says. “That entails being supervisor over dispatch, our clerk’s office, building maintenance, and the upkeep of specialty vehicles.”

Chuck is a member of the Smith Lake Task Force and helps coordinate police coverage for community events like the annual fireworks show and fun runs. He’s also the go-to guy in IT who keeps the department computers running and software updated. “Getting body cameras up and running was a major project of mine last year,” he says. 

Like many of his brothers in blue, Chuck finds job satisfaction in helping others. “I thoroughly enjoy helping people,” he says. “We don’t [typically] run across people every day who are having a great day. If they call us, something is going on. If you can help that person get through that next five minutes, that helps a lot.”  78



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