78 Photo Essay: Robert Richardson

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Clouse

He was born 50 some-odd years ago in a small, boot-shaped country known for its leaning tower and a magnificent Colosseum. By the time Robert Richardson was 8 years old, the self-described Army brat had seen more of this big blue marble than most people glimpse in a lifetime. 

“My dad was from Blue Cut, off Russellville Road, and my mom was from Oakman,” Robert said. “When dad retired from the military in 1975, we came back to Jasper full-time.” 

A 1984 Walker High graduate, Robert became interested in law while attending Birmingham-Southern College. After graduating with a double major in economics and finance, he went to law school at the University of Alabama. 

Robert returned to Jasper in 1991, cutting his legal teeth with the firm of Tweedy, Jackson & Beech. When he first opened his practice in 1997, the challenge was getting his name out there. 

Now, since the creation of electronic filing—which he says changed the legal business—the challenge is technology. “I’m a low-tech guy in a high-tech world,” Robert laughs. “The way I practice, I don’t know if it will be around in 20, 30 years. There’s so much information available now and some people really know how to access it. It’s a totally different time.”

Every morning, Robert slips on a coat and tie and heads to the office. Sometimes he can be seen hiking across the courthouse square with stacks of documents under one arm, just as he has done for almost 30 years. He’s in this business for one simple reason: he wants to make a difference.

“I just love what I do. I love helping people,” Robert shrugs. “Dad spent 30 years helping the county veterans get VA benefits after he retired from the military. I guess it’s in my blood.” 78



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