Clarence White

Clarence White grew up in a large family in Selma, Alabama. A great athlete, White was a four-sport letterman at Selma High School. He later played end at Alabama State and was part of a national championship team. Mr. White […]

Pat Bowden

Back in the 1960’s, a very wise man, who happened to be my dad, said, “People who have music in their lives and hearts are usually happy folks, and they have opportunities in life that others don’t often have.” My […]

Finding Home

The beach is my favorite… the sun, the sand, the laid back atmosphere. I can sit for hours listening to the waves and think about nothing other than my next meal. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience of being […]

King of Tires

If Jim Short’s life could be likened to a tire, his treads would be nearly worn out. Yet again this morning, Jim lolls in his swivel chair at Radial Tire in downtown Jasper, chuckling and firing off one-liners, a half-day’s […]

Former Lettermen Salute Veterans

Lettermen of the USA, a non-profit organization made up of former lettermen and coaches from colleges and universities across America, participated in the Semper Fi Task Force of North Alabama’s 11th Annual Heroes Week in Huntsville, Alabama. The celebration honored […]