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Bring on Notre Dame

December 7, 2012 Al Blanton 0

Nick Saban’s newest mental nugget is that success does not occur on a continuum. What he means by this is that just because you have […]

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The Life of a Dog

December 6, 2012 Al Blanton 0

There’s a little mutt that continues to live in my backyard, in a little shed with a makeshift cot. He sleeps most of the time, […]

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Half a Life

October 19, 2012 Al Blanton 0

Today I celebrate thirty-five years of being on this earth. I guess I’ve lived about half a life. Today is not just another day, it’s […]

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Clear as Crystal

October 5, 2012 Al Blanton 0

Denver has always been a city known for comebacks. This, of course, has been based in large part on the arm of former Denver Bronco […]