Soul of 78-Abbey Crump

March 11, 2019 Al Blanton 2

“I went to an esthetics school—Body Logic School of Esthetics—down 280 in Greystone. I graduated at Walker in ’17; we were the last class that […]

Where God Saved Me

January 30, 2019 Al Blanton 2

Mark McDonald has worked a lifetime in construction. He worked on tall buildings and power plants all throughout the Southeast. But his life was changed […]

Labor of Love

January 10, 2019 Al Blanton 0

Words by Al Blanton | Images by Blakeney Cox   In the early 1950s, a wiry country boy from Townley stood nervously at the county […]

The Guard

July 11, 2018 Al Blanton 0

As a freshman at Walker High School, Griff Redmill was a reedy, 145-pound kid. But an indomitable spirit and tireless work ethic carried him to […]