Al Blanton

Soul of 78-Abbey Crump

“I went to an esthetics school—Body Logic School of Esthetics—down 280 in Greystone. I graduated at Walker in ’17; we were the last class that graduated as Walker. I was going to go to Shelton and I was living in […]

Big Daddy: The Life of Coach Glen R. Clem

Words by Al Blanton   Glen R. Clem discouraged the wearing of earrings while he was the head basketball coach at Walker College. You might say because Clem came from the “old school” he thought a man wearing an earring was a bit ridiculous. That […]

Labor of Love

Words by Al Blanton | Images by Blakeney Cox   In the early 1950s, a wiry country boy from Townley stood nervously at the county fair, wearing a railroad hat, high-water blue jeans, and slippers. The occasion was the bull-grading […]

Why it’s time to let go

My dad died seven years ago, and ever since then I’ve been trying to be Superman. After Dad passed away, the prospect of becoming the “man of the house” was a bit daunting, I’ll admit. I had an aging mother, […]

The Guard

As a freshman at Walker High School, Griff Redmill was a reedy, 145-pound kid. But an indomitable spirit and tireless work ethic carried him to the brink of the NFL. Now Redmill is excelling in his post-football life, using those […]