Al Blanton

A Walk Through Time- Clarence White

Clarence White grew up in a large family in Selma, Alabama. A great athlete, White was a four-sport letterman at Selma High School. He later played end at Alabama State and was part of a national championship team. Mr. White […]

How I Quit Dipping

I haven’t had a dip in 25 days. I feel like Collin Raye in the song, “Little Rock.” I haven’t had a drink in 19 days…my eyes are clear and bright without that haze…. Now I know what you’re already […]

Be Impressed with Minnesota

To Southerners, the mere mention of the word “Minneapolis” or “Minnesota” engenders thoughts of bitter cold. Our minds dance with the images of white piles of slush being driven by flannel-jacketed men, their matching flannel hats bobbing in concert with […]

A Consistent Life

In this crazy world of ours, what lasts anymore? In a temporal world of quick fixes and instant gratification, of indulgence at our fingertips, where can we find the eternal? Perhaps the life of Etta Stephenson can provide a clue. […]