Blakeney Cox

Soul of 78- Liz Boshell

“I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I came to Jasper after I met my husband, Jeff, on a blind date in 2006. In college, I studied interior design, but quickly learned that the pay scale for designers did not match up […]

Soul of 78- Jonathan Mayhall

“I’ve always been interested in why people do the things they do. That’s the point of curiosity to me – where behavior comes from. As far as getting my attention as a possible career, my interest in psychology could be […]

Soul of 78- Kelly Whitaker

“This is my 27th year of teaching, but I’ve loved teaching my whole life. My brother had a hard time learning how to read, so I would get out our set of Golden Books and work with him. When I was […]

Soul of 78-Dustin Murray

“I always knew I wanted to work with kids. I switched majors a few times, but I had two professors at Montevallo who really inspired me. When I began my student teaching, I was with middle schoolers and realized that […]

Soul of 78-Grace Bice-Williams

“I was first hired on at Cordova Elementary School as first grade teacher. A position came open at the library and the job really just fell in my lap. It was such a blessing. I’ve been at the elementary school […]

Soul of 78- Lutis Moore

“When I first got here in 2007, I was teaching technology education to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I eventually served as vice principal at what used to be Maddox Middle School, and last year became principal.” “My favorite part of […]

Soul of 78- Lisa Allen

“I began working at Synovus at just 18 years old. My mother’s best friend, Lavoune Minor, encouraged me to apply for a part-time teller position. At the time I was cleaning the houses a few times a week and attending […]

Soul of 78- Jennifer Sparks

“We’ve been in Jasper since August 2012, so we’re going on our sixth school year. We open every day around 1:00 for homeschool students, college students, adults going back to school or retaking the ACT, even nursing students – any […]