Blakeney Cox

Soul of 78-Sarah Williams

“My first trip to Uganda was in the summer of 2016, and I’ve been four times since then. I had always wanted to go somewhere like Uganda on a mission trip, and I had been begging my mom for years. […]

Soul of 78-Mandy Williams

“There are a lot of educators in my family, and that has been a huge influence on me. My mom and my sister, Lisa, were both so instrumental in my decision to go into teaching. At a young age, I […]

Soul of 78- Jonna Lee

“I’m originally from Florida but I’ve moved all over the country – Oklahoma, Las Vegas, and now here. My parents moved to Jasper to pastor a church – Worship Life Center. That’s how I ended up here. When I’m not […]

Soul of 78- Santa, David Hood

“Christmas is the spirit of giving. It’s about giving of yourself – and that’s the greatest thing that Santa can teach anyone. If you can give monetarily, great. If you see someone looking down, give them a hug! You never […]

Soul of 78- Charles “Chris” Taylor

“As a helping professional, my role is to use my background, experience, and training to assist others in becoming aware of their true feelings, their potential for change, and any internal or external barriers to change, growth, and self-improvement through […]

Soul of 78- Chris Harvey

“In April we will be celebrating our four-year anniversary. We wanted to open FurBabies because we love animals (we have five dogs of our own) and Joseph wanted to do grooming. He began grooming school about 8 months prior to […]

Soul of 78-Kristin Kiefer

“I always said I would never see the inside of a courtroom. This is the least likely thing anyone would have imagined me doing when I was in law school. When I first began practicing law, I handled domestic cases […]

Soul of 78- Jamie Colvert

“There’s always coffee and conversation here at the Senior Activity Center. Including our homebound members, we have about 25 people, with a varying number of those in and out on a daily basis. We have one or two dances during […]

Soul of 78-Joy Murry

“I just celebrated a year of the Massage Den being open for business in downtown Jasper. Before that, I practiced massage therapy at Dr. Renee Bowen’s chiropractic office on Airport Road. There’s a whole different atmosphere downtown and I truly […]