Blakeney Cox

Soul of 78- Jennifer Sparks

“We’ve been in Jasper since August 2012, so we’re going on our sixth school year. We open every day around 1:00 for homeschool students, college students, adults going back to school or retaking the ACT, even nursing students – any […]

Soul of 78- Rick Waldrop

“I got into the car business in 1978, when my dad opened a car lot in Jasper. After working with him for a few years, I went to AMC Jeep, which is now Jasper Honda. When I left AMC, I […]

A New Old Favorite

This year on December 12th, tiny toes will step out onto the stage of Rowland Auditorium. They will follow in the footsteps of their veteran performers with eyes wide and smiles beaming, and contribute for the first time to an […]

10 Reasons Why Jasper is Growing

Within the last few years, citizens have been rallying to make Jasper a better place. Small business owners, educators, police officers, firefighters, medical personnel, religious leaders, artists, musicians, and a number of others have all contributed to the growth of […]

The Cheerleader

She stepped out onto the green turf, clad in a crisp crimson-and-white uniform, her blonde locks pulled back with an embroidered ribbon. Her outward appearance was calm, her smile genuine. Though the roar of the crowd was deafening, all Haley […]

Brothers’ Keeper

A neon sign flashes in the window, masked by a cloud of cigarette smoke. The door opens and slams shut, taking in eager customers and releasing its satisfied patrons who proudly display their new gallery of ink. Inside, artwork is […]


On February 21, 2012, 16-year-old Andrew Winfrey started his day like any other. The 10th grade athlete climbed out of bed, ate breakfast, hugged and kissed his mom goodbye. He cranked his truck, pulled out of the driveway, and started […]