Suzie Walton

New York, New York

It’s funny how a few song lyrics can sum up an experience, evoke a memory, or even become a mantra representing a special time or trip. Early on the morning of May 30, when alarms sang out the 5 am […]

Paige Turner

The road that leads to college athletics is long, and at times, very difficult. Only a few find the inner strength and endurance to keep trekking when the time seems so trying. Parrish High School graduate Paige Dill is one […]

The Dusty Path

No one ever told Oakman native Brianna Barrentine that a competitive nature in girls could evoke a negative connotation in society. If someone had told her this in the past, she obviously didn’t listen. Even the mundane can become a […]

Twin Bill

The roar of jet skis gliding across the placid lake or the sweet aroma of marshmallows roasting over the bright bonfire under a star-lit sky is something Shauna and Shannan Rowe will most likely miss out on this summer. As […]

Harbin-ger of Hope

The cozy houses along Sixth Avenue are tightly shut against the winter cold of an early February morning. Smoke from a chimney swirls around the bricks, as one lonely runner quickly steps off the sidewalk and dashes along the road. […]

New Word Order

Amy Boyd and Tricia Russell were leading a stagnant Sunday night bible study class at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Some women attended class. Others attended sporadically. A study lesson mapped out by some unknown Christian author accompanied the Bible. Most […]