Terrell Manasco

The Bandit

I read the news today. Oh, boy. I’m sitting in the rear of a local business, conducting an interview with the owner for an upcoming article. Then I catch a glimpse of something over his shoulder on the wall-mounted flat-screen […]

Diving for Evidence

Cover photo: Terrell Manasco All other photos courtesy of the Jasper Police Department Search and Recovery Dive Team   When Jasper Police Chief J.C. Poe began forming a search-and-recovery dive team earlier this year, he approached Lt. Joe Homan to […]

To Age Is Human

“Things fall apart, The centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” – William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming   I’m getting older. I don’t like to talk about it. And yet, it doesn’t change anything. I’m still […]

The Write Stuff

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Until a few years ago, I never believed I would be a writer. That’s not to say I didn’t believe I could write, that I had the ability to form cohesive […]