Terrell Manasco

The Consultant

When Clint McLain’s career as a computer consultant fizzled out, he moved to Walker County and reinvented himself as an insurance agent. Now with offices in five cities, things seem to have worked out for him. Words by Terrell Manasco […]

The Broncobuster of Banking

Pinnacle Bank President Bob Nolen loves the everyday challenges of banking life  Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Clouse  If problems were wild horses, Bob Nolen would be the broncobuster of the banking industry.  Sliding into a chair […]

The Thorns in Our Path

The hard times he endured growing up have given Synovus Bank Market President Shawn Morgan a deeper appreciation for the success he has now Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Clouse A tailored suit accented by a starched […]

Banking on the Eternal

Twenty years ago, when the Bank of Parrish changed ownership, Mark Wilson was facing unemployment. In the process, he learned to face his fear, trust, and do what God was leading him to do. He started a bank. Words by […]