Terrell Manasco

A Walk Through Time- Ernest Crump

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Crouse   Even at a distance, he was an impressive figure. Tall, raven-haired, dressed in stark white shirt and tie, eyes masked behind dark sunglasses, face weathered by time and the sun, […]

A Walk Through Time- D. Joe Gambrell

Words by Terrell Manasco   Eyes squinting into the sun, he stands at a three-quarter angle with hands on hips, chest out. The padded shoulders of his football jersey are thrust back, and his 1940s-styled hair is combed neatly in […]

The Paint Doctor

Words by Terrell Manasco | Image by Blakeney Cox   Looking pensive, Chuck Dunn furrows his brow, crosses one leg over a knee, and plucks his trademark unlit cigar from his teeth. In twenty-five years as Jasper Decorating Center’s manager, Chuck […]

Looking Back On 2018

I can’t believe it. The year 2018 is almost over. In a few days, a new year will begin. Some will resolve to quit smoking. Some will make efforts to eat healthier. Exercise more. Drop a few pounds. Be a […]

The Lady Who Wept

I’m standing on stage wearing a nurse’s uniform. December 2017. My first time to perform with the Jasper Men’s Chorale.  We’re at the Jasper High School Theater. My friend, the jovial Bill Young, Sr., is on stage beside me, playing […]

Summer of 1980

The plump brunette woman leaned forward over the table. Through a pair of reading glasses perched on her nose, she scanned over the job application. Her name was Bonnie. She was attractive, 40ish, and wore too much makeup. I was […]

A Walk Through Time- People’s Hospital

People’s Hospital was located at Birmingham Ave. and 19th St. in Jasper. The building project was started in 1934 by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA and completed by the Works Project Administration in 1936, with aid from President Roosevelt’s New Deal, and support from Dr. Roy […]

Dunc Dynasty

Words By Terrell Manasco | Images by Blakeney Cox   The pale red-and-white building sits a few miles off Highway 5 in Jasper in the community of Macedonia. Behind the chain link fence with the YellaWood sign, half a dozen […]