Terrell Manasco

Hate and Forgiveness

Let me ask you a rather blunt question: Do you hate your enemies? Many times we try to get around that question by answering with something like, “Oh I don’t hate him/her but I hate what he/she does.” But do […]

The Hat-Wearing Man’s Lament

I like hats. That may sound a bit like something Brick Tamland would say (“I love lamp”) in the Will Ferrell movie Anchorman, but I mean it. I really like hats. And I don’t mean the baseball caps worn by […]

The Phantom Tractor

Spring has sprung. Fall has fallen. Winter is here and…well, it’s not that bad actually. Winters in Alabama tend to be rather mild, compared to, say, winters in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and cities in the northern portion of […]

Remember the Time

It’s a brisk cold 46 degrees. I’m driving to the office in Jasper on a brisk, cold sunny Tuesday morning in January. On the car stereo system I hear a piano tinkling the opening notes of Billy Joel’s “New York […]

Breaking Eggs

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. I’ve heard that cliche’ used more times than I can remember. Jack Nicholson even used it as The Joker in one of the Batman films. The general […]

In His Zone

This article was originally published online in 2014.  He’s sitting across the table from me in a local fast-food restaurant, having a lunch consisting of a chicken sandwich and fries. Young, slim, polite, clean-cut, dressed in a polo shirt the […]

Stepping Stones

I’ve held several jobs in my life. I don’t say that with any pride. Quite the opposite. I know many people who have worked at one job since their graduation from high school, and they have either retired or will […]