The Bugtussle Triangle

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to native Walker Countians. It is a dimension as vast as the space beneath a car seat, and as timeless as a mullet haircut. It is the middle ground between a fiddle and a violin, […]

Soul of 78- Rick Watson

“I was born in the little community of West Pratt, in Sloss Hollow. Now it’s known as Dora-Cordova Road, but back then it was just an old red rock red leading to 78 Highway. Some of my fondest childhood memories […]

Where I’m From

I’m from the South. I’m from the land of black-eyed peas, turnip greens, sweet tea, cornbread, and butter beans the size of your fist. I’m from old dirt roads, the smell of honeysuckle in summertime, Golden Eagle Syrup, and sunrises […]

The People’s Home

Images by Blakeney Cox   In 1916, William Brockman Bankhead bought an orchard for $2500. However, he wasn’t interested in growing apples. Bankhead, who within a year would be elected as an Alabama congressman and would eventually serve as Speaker of […]