Rain Man

First of all, you won’t believe this. Recently I’ve discovered something so amazing, so revolutionary, so utterly unbelievable, that I can no longer keep it a secret. Ready for this? (You’ll want to sit down first.) It seems I’ve been […]

Born to Be Mild

I’m not a motorcycle guy. I know a lot of you just lost your minds. Your collective heads are spinning, trying to make sense of it. What did he say? How can this be? But he looks like a motorcycle guy. […]

July 11, 1985

He had gone to see a doctor about a lump in his stomach. When the test results came back, he forgot all about the knot. Lung cancer. That was 1984. My father was in his early fifties. He’d smoked since […]

Spinning in The Rain

Sunday afternoon. I was getting into the car when the wave washed over me. Vertigo. I’m not talking about the Alfred Hitchcock film with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. This was a sudden wave of disorientation, nausea, and dizziness. Very […]

Why Me, Lord?

  She sits at a table across the room, her face framed in soft profile against the wall of latticework. Vintage signs hang on the walls amongst the old farm implements and antiquated tools that appear to be remnants from […]

Sylvia’s Story

  She was born May 19, 1924, in Parrish, Alabama, one of nine children, the second oldest of seven girls. She was a small girl when the Great Depression gripped this land in its massive jaws, crushing hopes into dust […]

Lost in Montgomery

  It began with a Swiss Army knife. March 8, 2018. The mammoth Thrasher Brothers charter bus stops at the gate surrounding a Neoclassical style mansion. I step off the bus and feel the biting wind on my face. The […]

Radio Days

He’d sit up in that huge, triangle-shaped fishbowl every afternoon, watching the traffic go by. Every few minutes he’d flip a switch, lean forward slightly, and speak to the masses. I must have been five or six when I heard […]