1. Al, I just read your article, Faith. Family. Football: The Making of Tua Tagovailoa. What a wonderful godly young man. Oh my, you nailed it so squarely. Thank you. Praise God!

  2. Once again, Walker County leads the way in losers. There is not a single veterinarian for emergency calls inWalker County . The nearest emergency veterinarian is 43 miles away from Jasper. In a real emergency, pets in Walker County are doomed. Why don’t you publish that in your magazine?

  3. Al, my name is Brett Brewer. I am the oldest son of former Ole Miss coach Billy Brewer. I just read your article on my father for the 3 rd time. In a time where journalism seems to be a dying art, you simply nailed it. I can honestly say that my dad was very genuine. He did not play for an audience. He felt more at home with the grounds crew than big donors. He loved the kids and the competition. Old school, you bet. Thank you again for capturing the essence and spirit of my father. Take care and keep writing great stories. We need more talent like yours to keep us engaged.

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