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The Great Creators

June 4, 2012 78 0

I carry a burden with me. A fear, if you will. It cleaves to me, like some ceaseless disease that will never heal. It keeps […]

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The Accidental Photographer

May 29, 2012 78 0

It is true that many of the world’s greatest achievements were made by accident and the hands of serendipity. The discovery of penicillin. The landing […]

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Signs of the Apocalypse

May 25, 2012 78 0

Here in Alabama, sometimes there’s no telling what you’ll see. Recently, I have been privy to strange, very strange occurrences, possibly signs of the Apocalypse. […]

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Something to Be Proud Of

May 24, 2012 78 0

In this month’s Black Belt Living, we will be kicking off a new section called Plains & Capstone, which will cover Alabama and Auburn sports. […]

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On Writing and Reading

May 21, 2012 78 0

It’s good to be humbled once in a while. I was humbled this weekend. I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a Pulitzer Prize winning post-apocalyptic […]