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On Writing and Reading

May 21, 2012 78 0

It’s good to be humbled once in a while. I was humbled this weekend. I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a Pulitzer Prize winning post-apocalyptic […]

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From the Magazine: June Editorial

May 9, 2012 78 0

It wasn’t a particularly pretty afternoon. I was driving from Uniontown to Greensboro, up Highway 61, a lushly green thoroughfare needled with springtime yellow on […]

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The Long Hard Journey

April 30, 2012 78 0

I guess I’ve believed in Jesus all my life. The first time I sat at His table I was but a boy, a ramrod-straight little […]

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The Best Coach I Ever Had

April 27, 2012 78 0

Greg Tinker came into my life at just the right moment. In 1986, he arrived at Maddox Middle School with a bulging satchel as the […]

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So 24 Seconds Ago

April 24, 2012 78 0

The day Whitney Houston died, I sent a text to a friend of mine. WHITNEY HOUSTON DIED. I heard that! She texted back. Good lord, […]

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Anatomy of the Blog Clog

April 18, 2012 78 0

I almost laugh every time I tell people I have a blog. “Go to my website and check out my blog. It’s called Deep South […]

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On My Way Back Home (Part II)

April 15, 2012 78 0

One time, the most horrible thing happened to me. My father died. That event brought with it terrible changes. Terrible, unrelenting changes. Suddenly, I looked […]

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The Simple Act of Courtesy

April 6, 2012 78 0

“After you.” “No, you first.” “No, no, no…after you.” “Please, I insist. After you.” This was the discourse between two men at a gas station […]