Dec, 2017

Images by John Fisher I’ve heard the phrase all my life. Follow your dreams. One of my dreams for many years has been to sing with a chorale group. During my college days at Walker/Bevill State, I sang with the college choir, directed by Randell Pickering. We did a few shows that year, and I remember singing at Winfield High … READ MORE

Aug, 2017

I Was A Teenage Architect

by Terrell Manasco

Images by Blakeney Cox Scott Misso has that look. You’ve seen it. The young, nerdy, exceptionally bright, “I could build a nuclear warhead with a D-cell battery, six feet of string, a Bic lighter, and a paper clip” look. Sitting at a conference room table at Jasper High School, draped in a blue and white striped Oxford shirt with rolled … READ MORE

Jul, 2017

The Professor of People

by Terrell Manasco

Images by Blakeney Cox In the Spring of 2001, Reggie Watts was chased through the streets of Athens, Greece by stray dogs. “I’ve got my backpack on, a pair of leather sandals and shorts, just kind of be-bopping through there,” Reggie says nonchalantly, relaxing in a recliner at High Point Furniture. “I could stand in the middle of the street … READ MORE

Jun, 2017

Fields of Grace

by Lindsey Brewer

Salt water drips from his hair as his clear blue eyes shine with joy. The cold, choppy water cannot dim his excitement or the jubilance of those around him. On a cloudless July day, he commits himself to his newfound purpose, which he finds in Christ. Being baptized in the powerful waters of the Gulf of Mexico fits the outdoorsy … READ MORE

Jun, 2017

One Life At A Time

by Terrell Manasco

Images by Blakeney Cox The little girl stands beside the bed, her heart drumming like the hooves of a Kentucky thoroughbred. Gripping her mother’s shoulder, she shakes her again. Her mouth tastes of old cotton and there is a sickening feeling in her stomach. “Mama, wake up!” she shouts. Please let this be a bad dream, she prays silently. Sensing … READ MORE

May, 2017

A Consistent Life

by Al Blanton

In this crazy world of ours, what lasts anymore? In a temporal world of quick fixes and instant gratification, of indulgence at our fingertips, where can we find the eternal? Perhaps the life of Etta Stephenson can provide a clue. Etta has been working at Kilgore-Green Funeral Home in Jasper, Alabama, for forty-five years—half her life. She began working there … READ MORE

May, 2017

Sowing Seeds  

by Terrell Manasco

Images by Blakeney Cox Under an ashen sky, a scattered crowd gathers at several tin-roof-covered booths inside a wooden shed. A canvas sign, suspended by bungee cords, advertises strawberries for sale. The sign flaps in the wind as customers return to their vehicles with bags of fresh produce. On the far left, a small red pickup is parked under the roof, … READ MORE

May, 2017

The Wake-Up Call

by Suzie Walton

Images by Blakeney Cox Before he hits the road to work, Mark Fowler dedicates some early morning time on his rowing machine. Early morning cardio has become a way of life for Mark. However, this choice to “get healthy” stems from a wakeup call just four years earlier. Mark had a difficult life-or-death decision to make—either continue in his current … READ MORE

May, 2017

The Unflappable Jud Allen

by Terrell Manasco

Images by Blakeney Cox In the 1980s Jud Allen was king. For years he held the coveted title of Youngest Child. With his only brother, Matt the Elder, he would be forever unchallenged. The world was his oyster. Then one day a new king arose, Hunter the Usurper—his little brother. “I thought I was gonna be the youngest child for … READ MORE

A black screen, then grainy, green-tinted video footage and a voice on the tape speaking to someone off camera. The words are faint, unintelligible. We are moving past a chain link fence in front of a cinder block wall. The camera jerks left and we are peering down a long set of steps,  where a blondish young man in glasses … READ MORE

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