Soul of 78-Grace Bice-Williams

“I was first hired on at Cordova Elementary School as first grade teacher. A position came open at the library and the job really just fell in my lap. It was such a blessing. I’ve been at the elementary school […]

The Old House

Not long before my mother left this world, she sold her house. Mom had lived alone in the same house for years since my dad passed away. By the time she was in her early 80s, the signs of declining […]


I don’t take many vacations. You won’t see me fishing off Martha’s Vineyard, even if I received a free weekend pass in the mail personally signed by Martha herself. You won’t find me on the slopes of Aspen with a […]

Soul of 78- Lutis Moore

“When I first got here in 2007, I was teaching technology education to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I eventually served as vice principal at what used to be Maddox Middle School, and last year became principal.” “My favorite part of […]

Soul of 78- Lisa Allen

“I began working at Synovus at just 18 years old. My mother’s best friend, Lavoune Minor, encouraged me to apply for a part-time teller position. At the time I was cleaning the houses a few times a week and attending […]

On The Boardwalk

It’s the middle of July. Early afternoon. I’m in Ocean City, New Jersey. The sky is a clear cerulean blue. A perfect day to be on the Boardwalk. Down by the seeee-eea. I spot a van nearby with Action News […]

A Walk Through Time- John Kiker

Bettye Pennington met her friend John Kiker in 1967, the year she began teaching 6th grade at Memorial Park School. Kiker, the school principal, was highly regarded by all the teachers. “We really respected one another, and we were just […]


I’ve been watching a group of state representatives discuss the possibility of seceding from their country. Weary of oppression, tired of being treated like second-class citizens, they argue that it’s time to stop the madness. They’re fed up. They’re angry. […]